7 CVille Business Leaders Making A Difference


1. Mark Lorenzoni, Owner, Ragged Mountain Running Shop

CVille Biz Leader Mark Lorenzoni
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Mark Lorenzoni owns the Ragged Mountain Running shop with his wife, Cynthia. When he says that his employees are like family, he genuinely means it. Whether you work there or are just stopping by for shoes, he’s always ready to have a friendly conversation or dole out some fatherly advice. Mark is also instrumental in many local charities, including the Virginia Institute of Autism.

2. Tucker Waldruff, CPA, President, Equity Financial Services

CVille Business Leader Tucker Waldruff
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Tucker Waldruff, a certified public accountant, is the perfect fit for any business owner in Charlottesville. Tucker, who also has a law degree from Harvard University, is an easy going CPA who makes sure he’s always accessible to his clients. Tucker and his team not only provide top-notch financial services, but they also educate their clients, which empowers them to run their businesses more efficiently moving forward. Tucker Waldruff and Equity Financial Services are our go-to selection for tax returns, business analysis and financial planning.

3. Monique Moshier, Owner, The Happy Cook & The Artisans Market

CVille Biz Leader Monique Moshier
The Happy Cook Facebook | Website | Twitter; The Artisans Market Facebook Photo: FB Page
Monique is the owner of The Happy Cook, a CVille culinary landmark, as well as The Artisans Market, a new addition to Barracks Road. With The Artisans Market, Monique has found a way to showcase and sell hand crafted furniture and pottery, both locally made and imported. This store features award winning furniture makers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, photographers, potters, jewelry makers and more!

4. Ted Anderson, Owner, Anderson Carriage House

CVille Biz Leader Ted Anderson
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Ted Anderson is the owner of Anderson Carriage Food House. It is a fresh meat and seafood store, and probably the best place to get sushi-grade fish, but Anderson is also a great guy who uses his store to help people get a brand new life, by employing ex-cons and helping them find a place to live. He even invites them to his church.

5. Victoria Pouncey, Co-owner, Folly Home Furnishings

CVille Business Leader Victoria Pouncey
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Victoria Pouncey is the co-owner of Folly Home Furnishings, which is a great interior design shop that sells home furnishings as well as great gifts. Victoria’s love of art, architecture and travel has taught her to appreciate a wealth of international influences that inform her taste. Pouncey is also on the board of the not-for-profit Second Street Gallery.

6. Anne Gardner, CEO, Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors

CVille Biz Leader Anne Gardner
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Anne Gardner is the CEO of The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors. Her association is dedicated to maintaining ethical practices in realty, as well as being a recognized advocacy group for property rights.

7. Brian Helleberg, Owner/Chef, Fleurie Restaurant & Petit Pois Restaurant

Fleurie Facebook | Website | Twitter; Petit Pois Restaurant Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Fleurie
Brian is the owner and head chef at Fleurie Restaurant on The Downtown Mall. He also owns Petit Pois Restaurant. Aside from serving fantastic food, Brain’s restaurants give credit to all the businesses that help make his restaurants from the ingredients to the artistic structure of the restaurants themselves. They are also associated with organizations and causes too numerous to list here, but include Fluvanna SPCA, Charlottesville Free Clinic and March of Dimes.

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