7 Interesting CVille Meetup Groups


1. Charlottesville Transplants

Website | Photo: italiagirl
Charlottesville is a town full of transplants, and it can be hard to make friends when you’re new in town. This group is all about meeting others and making connections in the community.

2. Dads With Diaper Bags

Website | Photo: pregnancyandbaby.com
Dads With Diaper Bags is a welcoming community that allows babies to socialize and dads to hang out.

3. Good Reads And Good Eats

Website | Photo: meetup.com
If you love the idea of a book club, but dread the dry crackers and cheap wine, Good Reads And Good Eats might be for you. It’s a monthly book club that meets at local restaurants. Books are selected via a poll.

4. Brew Betties

Website | Photo: meetup.com
Beer is no “man’s drink.” These ladies love tasting and brewing their own craft beers.


5. Language Lovers Of Charlottesville

Website | Photo: meetup.com
It’s tough when you’re excited about learning a new language and there’s no one to practice with. Language Lovers Of Charlottesville is a great way to find a language buddy!

6. Charlottesville Dog Lovers Group

Website | Photo: meetup.com
Dogs are pack animals and sometimes they need playdates. Charlottesville Dog Lovers Group is the perfect way to socialize your furry friend.

7. The Charlottesville Gaming Group

Website | Photo: meetup.com
Got a new board game you’re dying to play, but no one else is interested? Take it to The Charlottesville Gaming Group!

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