7 Reasons Why Zy.De.Co Sounds Freakin Awesome!


Who Dat! Zo.Ca.Lo will be become Zy.De.Co for one night only on Monday, Feb. 24! Zy.De.Co will serve your favorite creole and cajun dishes. Get Mardi Gras started right with great food, cold drinks, live music and Zy.De.Co. No reservations. No special requests. Communal seating.

Zy.De.Co already sounds freakin’ awesome, and we can’t wait to go! Here are 7 reasons why we are pumped for a night with friends at Zy.De.Co on Feb. 24!

1. Chef Ivan Rekosh & Chef Andrew Silver

Ivan n Andy

Photo: Zo.Ca.Lo Website

Look, it’s no secret, Ivan Rekosh & Andrew Silver know food like Jerry Seinfeld knows funny. Seriously, when these dudes walk into a kitchen, amazing food rolls-on-out! I get very excited anytime Ivan & Andrew put their passion and skill-set into action! When that happens, CVille reaps the benefit (i.e. Zo.Ca.Lo. is one of the best restaurants in CVille.) Zy.De.Co. means a lot to these guys!

2. Charbroiled Oysters!


Photo: Zy.De.Co Facebook

If you’ve never had charbroiled oysters and want to give them a try, now’s your chance. This New Orleans delicacy is a great dish for anyone who wants to enjoy oysters, but can’t or won’t eat them raw. Once you taste one you won’t be able to stop eating them!

3. Beignets


Photo: Wikipedia

Similar to the English fritter, the beignet is made from deep-fried choux paste and served with powdered sugar on top. Eaten fresh and hot, these babies are one of the most delicious desserts you’ll ever try. We can’t wait to try Zy.De.Co’s rendition.

4. Gumbo


Photo: Zy.De.Co Facebook

Originating in southern Louisiana in the 18th century, gumbo is one of those dishes that you can’t help but love. Traditionally made with shellfish or fowl, sausage, okra, celery, onions and bell peppers (although there are many different interpretations of this classic dish), and served over rice. You’re not liable to find a gumbo this good anytime soon unless you’re planning a trip to Louisiana. I expect Ivan and Andrew’s gumbo to be as good as you will find in Charlottesville.

5. Crawfish Éttoufée


Photo: Zo.Ca.Lo

The word étouffée (pronounced eh-too-fey) comes from the French word “to smother.” The best way to describe the dish is a thicker stew, seasoned to perfection and chock full of delicious, plump crawfish (or shrimp, depending on the season). In some ways, its similar to gumbo – same types of Creole seasonings, served over rice, and made with a roux, but unlike gumbo, étouffée is made with a “blonde” roux, giving it a lighter color and a very different flavor.

6. Matty Metcalfe and Crewe d’Bayou Live


Photo: MattyMetcalfe.com

Matty Metcalfe is an accomplished and versatile musician who specializes in all keyboard instruments- piano, organ, accordion- and whose styles range from New Orleans funk/soul to gospel, jazz, rock, and blues. By his teens, Mr. Metcalfe had already garnered awards as a classical and jazz pianist- winning the prestigious Washington D.C. Classical Guild Award and numerous jazz scholarships. He also began studying New Orleans stride piano, Zydeco accordion, and church organ. He quickly turned his focus to learning the styles of James Booker, Professor Longhair, Ray Charles, Clifton Chenier, Jimmy McGriff, and Jimmy Smith.

7. No reservations required!

Get there early. Bring your friends and family. And get ready for some awesome Creole and Cajun cooking.

Date: Monday, February 24, 2014
Time: 5:00 pm until the food is gone
Menu: Cajun/Creole small plates, between $5 and $9 each
Drink: Specialty beer and cocktails of the region
Food: Crawfish etouffee, gumbo, boudin, beignets, etc.
Music: Live Zydeco by Matty Metcalfe and Crewe d’Bayou from 6 to 9
Facebook event page: CLICK HERE.

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