8 Iconic People With CVille Ties


1. Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father/President

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the united states and writer of the Declaration of Independence. It’s almost blasphemous not to have Thomas Jefferson on our list of notables. That guy is everywhere. He’s probably our official mascot.

2. James Monroe, Founding Father/President

James Monroe was the fifth president of last founding father to hold office. He’s not quite as big as TJ here in CVille, but almost. This founding father retired to a farm on Monroe Hill (Now part of UVA) after his presidency.

3. Anna Anderson, Fake Dutchess

Anna Anderson was the infamous impostor, who claimed to be the missing duchess Anastasia. Though the Romanovs and the courts never recognized her as such, she had some supporters and still gained wide media coverage as Anastasia. She moved to Charlottesville and married a professor. She and her husband were known as local eccentrics. After she was institutionalized, her husband sprung her out and went on a 13 state road trip before her death in 1984.

4. Rita Dove, Poet Laureate

rita dove
Rita Dove is an American poet. Dove currently teaches at UVA as the Commonwealth Professor of English. She has also been the Poet Laureate of Virginia and the first African American to be appointed the Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress as well as the second African American to earn the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

5. Sissy Spacek, Actress

Photo: IMDb.com
Sissy Spacek, Hollywood movie actress, is best known for her role in Carrie. She has won an Academy Award and has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She currently lives in CVille and even ran into President Obama on the Downtown Mall. He must have been star struck!

6. Dave Matthews Band, Lead Singer/Guitarist, Dave Matthews & Band

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Dave Matthews Band FB Page
Dave Matthews (Hardcore fans call him Dave) and his band are another unofficial mascot of CVille. The band was formed in Charlottesville and Dave Matthews himself bartended at Miller’s, where he is famous for playing.

7. John Grisham, Author & Activist

Facebook | Website | Photo: John Grisham FB Page
This guy, who could be posing as “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” is American literary notable John Grisham. He is one of only three authors to sell 2 million copies of a book in its first printing. He lives part-time near Charlottesville, VA.

8. Parachute, Musical Talent

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Parachute FB Page
Parachute got has roots in Charlottesville. This was started by a couple of students at Charlottesville High School and has included UVA students and former members of The Virginia Gentlemen.

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