8 Things Out Of Towners Just Don’t Get About CVille


1. It’s Rio Rd., Not The Rio Grande

Photo: RoyWheeler.com
How many times have you been asked how to get to “REE-oh” Road?

2. The Trolley Is FREE

Photo: CAT FB Page
Yes the Free Trolley, labelled “Free Trolley” is, in fact, free.

3. Bodos Is The Carb Of The Gods

Photo: Bodo’s FB Page
If you ever hear someone refer to Bodo’s as “just bagels,” you are legally required to make them eat their words, literally.

4. UVA Is Not A “Campus”

Photo: UVA FB Page
Any student or faculty member will be happy to inform you that UVA does not have a “campus,” they have “grounds.”

5. There Are No Freshman And Seniors

Photo: UVA FB Page
UVA students are referred as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years.

6. They Don’t Get Good Beer

Photo: Blue Mountain Brewery
Good beer should have body, flavor and pack enough of a punch to knock you on your ass. Charlottesville beer embodies all these qualities.

7. What A Spudnut Is

Few people outside of CVille know the joy of a Spudnut or even understand the appeal.

8. There Is Life Beyond RT. 29

Photo: The Local FB Page
When people first get here, they mostly pay attention to Downtown and Barracks Road. Belmont is a mystery to them.

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