9 CVille Dishes You Must Try!


1. Steak Frites, Petit Pois Restaurant

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The Petit Pois Restaurant Steak Frites are an amazing dish of grilled beef with caramelized onions, fries and herb butter. Delicious!

Petit Pois is a modern French Bistro on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall featuring authentic bistro dishes, locally-sourced ingredients, affordable wines, local beers, excellent patio seating and great value.

2. Vella Jack Cheese Fritters, Zocalo Restaurant

zocalo fritters

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Zocalo Restaurant’s Vella Jack Cheese Fritters come with a raspberry chili glaze, pecans and chives, and they are ridiculously good!

Zocalo has been praised by customers and food critics alike for its consistently excellent food as well as friendly, professional and engaging service. Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate dinner or a lively, energetic bar scene, Zocalo will hit the spot.

3. Mussels, Mas Tapas

mas tapas mussels

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The Mas Tapas Mussels are sauteed to perfection, and the flavor is distinct without overpowering the palate. A must try!

Cooking is an art form for many people today. At Mas they are concerned with the craft of cooking, where the kitchen is a laboratory but not a science experiment. Their outcomes can never really be in doubt, reliability is a must and repetition the stone they sharpen their skills upon.

4. Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Fleurie Restaurant


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Fleurie Restaurant’s Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin, with Red Wine Risotto, Creamed Leaks and Bordelaise is a mouth-watering dish that everyone should try at least once.

Located just off Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall on 3rd Street, Fleurie Restaurant’s elegant atmosphere, stellar wine list and innovative menu are sure to produce an unforgettable meal. Fleurie is perfect for special occasions, date night or an evening with loved ones!

5. Surf & Turf, Aberdeen Barn

aberdeen surf n turf

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It’s hard to find a better combination than Surf & Turf, and ordering this dish at Aberdeen Barn is no exception. Petite Filet Mignon and Broiled Lobster Tail at their best.

Dinner at “the Barn” has become as central to the Charlottesville experience as tailgating at Scott Stadium before the big game. Discover what has made the Aberdeen Barn a local favorite for more than 40 years!

6. Baby Back Ribs, Maya Restaurant


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If you go to Maya Restaurant for one thing, go for their lip-smackingly good Baby Back Ribs.

Located in the center of Charlottesville, Virginia’s Midtown, MAYA serves dinner 7 days a week. Their “made from scratch” menu is prepared daily in honor of the Old Southern Kitchen.

7. Hush Puppies & Biscuits, The Whiskey Jar

whiskey jar hush puppies

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The Whiskey Jar Hush Puppies, served with Biscuits, Sorghum Butter and Apple Butter, are a perfect food and whiskey pairing!

The Whiskey Jar are dedicated to bringing their guests traditional Southern food as would be known in Virginia’s Piedmont Region prior to the period in Southern cooking that embraced prefabricated and canned goods. Classic food from good ingredients, simply and traditionally made, nothing fancy.

8. The Executive Burger, Citizen Burger Bar

citizen executive

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The Executive Burger from Citizen Burger Bar is delicious… extremely filling… and definitely not low cal. Made with Timbercreek beef, foie gras, Nueske’s bacon, black onion, fried farm egg, garlic aioli and truffled brioche, this is a burger that deserves to be put on a pedestal.

At Citizen Burger Bar, they believe in the importance of the simple things. Things like kicking back with friends, tipping back beers, and enjoying some tasty burgers. (This is America, after all. A delicious burger is your right – perhaps even your responsibility.)

9. Pimento Cheese & Ritz Crackers, Pasture Restaurant

pasture crackers

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Pasture Restaurant’s Pimento Cheese & Ritz Crackers are a great pre-dinner snack. After just one taste, you will see what everyone is raving about. Even after running out of crackers, licking the bowl is completely acceptable – and encouraged.

When you think about Southern food, a few things come immediately to mind: sharing, fresh ingredients, family and friends, and conversation around the table. At pasture, they hope to bring all of those things together for a newer experience in Southern dining.

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