9 Facts About Thomas Jefferson


1. The Great Clock

Photo: princessannecountry.blogspot.com
Monticello has a clock with no minute hand. This double faced clock only has a minute hand on the interior face, but Jefferson did not think that field laborers needed minutes.

2. Monticello Was Drowning In Debt

During most of Jefferson’s life (and after it), Monticello was falling apart due to all of the founding father’s debts. One visitor even described it as “slovenly” and “going to decay”.

3. He Was Not A Furniture Fan

Photo: history.org
Thomas Jefferson liked open space and felt that furniture created unnecessary clutter. He created alcove beds to save space.

4. He Was A Ginger

You might not have seen it under all the powder, but Thomas Jefferson had freckles and red hair.

5. He Spoke 4 Languages

Thomas Jefferson could speak Latin, Italian, English and French. He could also read Greek and Spanish.

6. He Was Acquainted With Monticello’s Land Before He Built It

As a kid, Jefferson would explore the grounds that would later become Monticello.

7. He Was A Bookworm

Thomas Jefferson had so many books, he was able to refill The Library Of Congress after it lost its collection in a fire. He immediate went out and bought more books.

8. He Gave Us Ohio

President Jefferson brought The Buckeye State into the union.

9. He Was A Man Of The People

Jefferson believed that higher education shouldn’t be exclusively available to the wealthy and should be free of religious influence. He started The University Of Virginia with these ideas in mind.

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