A Chef’s Guide To Choosing And Preparing Fresh Fish


It’s still a mystery why fish is not as popular as meat nowadays. A filet of Alaskan halibut is much leaner than a juicy steak; its fats, those precious omega-3 fatty acids, can help reduce heart disease and help cope with depression. It is even rumored that salmon clears and smoothes the skin. So what is it about fish that gets us in a panic? Not knowing what to do with it. Let me explain.

I met Hihishiro Tauchi early one afternoon. He was already at work butchering whole fish for the night’s dinner crowd when he welcomed me into the sushi prep kitchen at Ten. As the sushi chef, Tauchi is responsible for turning whole tunas, salmons, snappers, and squid into perfectly delicate strips. He slaps what looks like a sea monster onto a wooden board a few inches from my face.

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Scoutology Staff