A Mediterranean Staple Has Become An American Darling


I find food utterly irresistible. Growing up in a family of cooks, I guess it couldn’t have turned out any differently. Italians are all about food and I am certainly no exception. Family recipes fill my recipe box—most are in Italian and some I’ve made on my own in my new country. And while I make a mean pesto and love baking potato focaccia, I’m not an Italian-only snob (though I do draw the line at meatloaf).

As much as I love cooking, eating is where I truly excel. My favorite food is chocolate, but I’ll be covering other ingredients—where to find them and how to use them—on these pages too. First up? Olives. As I said, I’m Italian.

As a delectable appetizer for guests or a garnish for your dirty martini to get the party started, olives are a somewhat polarizing but healthy fruit. Here are my favorite places to find them around town.

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Scoutology Staff