Alakazam- Locally Owned Toy Store


Opened in the spring of 2005 by a couple of California girls who landed in the south after a whirlwind tour of the universe. They knew in their hearts they wanted to share their love of adventure and enjoyment of life through fun, creative, imaginative toys and playthings. “We can do it,” the youngest said.

After finding an enchanted castle, they set out cleaning cobwebs, building shelves and painting in lively colors. Searching for a name, they rubbed a magic lamp, whispering:

“A name like Abrakadabra…”
“Oh”, said the genie in the lamp,” how does
Alakazam sound?”
“Yes, that’s it!” Alakazam Toys was born.

We think you will LOVE our designs & clothing at The CVille Store. Please visit to see how Charlottesville, Va has inspired our team!

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Scoutology Staff