“Drive-By” Art in Cville


How many times a day do you drive past one of the outdoor sculptures located around Charlottesville? Once? Maybe twice? Ok; but how many times do you really look at and appreciate the art? Next time you drive by, I dare you to (SAFELY) admire one of the works! These amazing works of art are unique to Charlottesville and are part of the greater movement called Art In Place.

Art In Place is a nonprofit foundation, governed by a board of directors, based in our very own Charlottesville, Virginia. Art In Place sponsors many local competitions and works of art featuring a wide variety of styles, themes, and media. Most of the works are considered “drive-by” art that is easily viewed from one’s car and are seen on a day-to-day basis . This alternative to a museum allows the art to be seen in a more natural environment and adds a nice touch of culture to the businessman’s daily commute.

The current sculpture exhibit features 10 pieces all across the city of Charlottesville, from St. Charles and 250 to Market and High St. to Washington Park. These sculptures, chosen by the Art in Place Board, will remain in their areas of high traffic until September 2013. These exhibitions have displayed over 100 pieces in the past 11 years. Nine pieces, including the “Whale Tail,” “A Bad Case of the Mondays,” the businessman in a rush, and “The Biker,” have been purchased by the city for permanent display.

For more information about these 19 wonderful works of art dispersed across Charlottesville go to http://www.artinplace.org/.

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Scoutology Staff