CACVB Interim Director Adam Healey Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Entrepreneur Adam Healey, the interim director of the Charlottesville & Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau, joined me on The I Love CVille Show. I STRONGLY encourage anyone who lives in Charlottesville or Central Virginia to watch this interview. Our future depends on the content being discussed here.

Adam will showcase the CACVB’s updated advertising campaign strategy on the show. This is your chance to see the campaign that could potential dictate the future of Charlottesville and Central Virginia. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Here are some of the topics we covered:

(1). Who is Adam Healey the person and the entrepreneur? What are Adam’s hobbies, interests and passions? What does Adam love about Charlottesville, Albemarle County and Central Virginia? What does he not like about the area? What can be improved upon?

(2). Adam is a very, very talented businessman and entrepreneur. He has successfully exited two companies that he personally launched, which is every entrepreneur’s dream. I asked Adam to put this into perspective for everyone.

(3). Because of Adam’s tremendous success, he could live anywhere he wants in the world. However, he chooses to make Charlottesville, Virginia his home? Why is that?

(4). Adam in the interim director of the CACVB. He leads an organization that is trusted with rebranding Charlottesville and Albemarle County from a regional and national standpoint. I started open-ended with this topic.

(5). What’s it like working at the CACVB? How is it different than running a company where he calls the shots and does not have to answer to anyone but himself and the business bank account?

(6). The CACVB has been recently restructured. Now, the CACVB has a number of elected officials on its board. How has the integration of politicians into the CACVB board impacted the organization? Is it a positive impact? A negative impact? Does the CACVB have the nimbleness and ability to pivot quickly like it should, or is it now a slow moving bureaucracy?

(7). Why did Adam and the CACVB choose Clean, an advertising agency from Raleigh, North Carolina, to create, design, develop and launch a regional and national advertising campaign?

(8). Did Adam and the CACVB consider the creative talent in Charlottesville and Central Virginia instead of an out-of-market ad agency in Raleigh, North Carolina? Instead of outsourcing the advertising campaign to Clean, did the CACVB consider crowdsourcing the campaign within Central Virginia?

(9). Adam is a very, very intelligent person. He’s lectured at universities across the country, including the University of Virginia and the University of Colorado Boulder. How does Adam leverage his personal success and undeniable track record in business when making decisions at the CACVB level?

(10). Clean’s first attempt at building a regional and national campaign for the CACVB flopped. That’s safe to say. What happened with this first attempt? Why was it so out-of-touch? Why did the campaign feature so many white people instead of a diverse mix of people, especially when representing a community like Charlottesville, Virginia, which is at a crossroads of balancing race equality?

(11). Should Albemarle County be included in the regional and national campaign, or should the campaign be developed strictly around the Charlottesville, Virginia brand?

(12). What is Albemarle County’s role and position in the regional and national discussion?

(13). Travel & tourism expert André Xavier says the regional and national campaign should be focused on driving mid-week business and hotel reservations instead of weekend business and hotel reservations. What are Adam’s thoughts on this?

(14). How does Adam view City Council? Many folks believe that City Council is more focused on rebranding parks, statues and streets instead of driving economic growth to Central Virginia. What are Adam’s thoughts on this specific topic, including our current City Council members?

What are Adam’s thoughts on comments Mayor Nikuyah J Walker made to the The New York Times about Charlottesville, Virginia?

(15). Should Charlottesville, Virginia embrace August 12, 2017, or should Charlottesville do whatever it can to distance itself from A12? August 12, 2017 is not going away. How do we handle this?

(16). What is the regional and national image of Charlottesville, Virginia from Adam’s perspective?

(17). Should the CACVB whittle its board members down to include less “hens in the hen house” to increase productivity?

(18). Why does Charlottesville, Virginia have its welcome center tucked away in a bus station, on the least popular side of the Charlottesville DowntownMall?? This “welcome center” often has homeless folks who are intoxicated and belligerent camped outside of it? Does this make sense?

(19). Why does the CACVB not bring back the kiosk on The Downtown Mall? A kiosk that can be positioned in the dead center of the mall, perhaps at Central Place, where the Christmas Tree was located. If this kiosk is positioned in the center of The Mall, would this not drive more community and tourism engagement?

(20). How does Charlottesville, Virginia return itself to being “the happiest city in America?”

(21). What are Adam’s long-term goals? He’s the interim director. Does he have long-term aspirations to continue working within the CACVB?

(22). How much is the CACVB paying Clean, an ad shop out of Raleigh, NC, for its efforts? This is public record because its tax payers’ money being used to finance these efforts. I’d like to know specific dollars and cents, please, Adam.

(23). How much does Adam earn in salary as the interim director of the CACVB?

(24). How do the vineyards and breweries in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Nelson County, etc. impact CVille and Albemarle County? Should these elements be the focal points of the campaign, or should we focus on other options to drive tourism dollars to our region?

(25). How does the lack of affordable housing in Charlottesville impact the future of CVille, including race relations and economic growth?

(26). How is the CACVB funded? What is the annual budget, etc?

(27). What other things can the CACVB be doing to increase tourism to Central Virginia from a programming standpoint?

(28). Who appointed Adam to the CACVB?

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