Charlottesville: A Tour From A To Z


There’s so much to see in CVille, that sometimes it can feel like you’re missing a few things. We’ve helpfully alphabetized a few for you.

A: Amazing Views

Charlottesville is one of the most beautiful cities in America.

B: Beer

Photo: CVille Photo & Video
It’s no secret, CVille LOVES craft beers. It’s hard to find a bar that doesn’t take pride in its selection of local brews.

C: Creativity!

Photo: Downtown Mall FB
Charlottesville is dotted with stunning public art. You can find it lining the walls, in parks or even along the roads.

D: Dining

Photo: CVille Photo & Video
We are a culinary people. Charlottesville is full of amazing restaurants serving fine food and innovative cuisine.

E: Exercise

Photo: CharlottesvilleTrailRunners
The city has beautiful running trails and tons of communities dedicated to staying active.

F: Family Fun

Photo: Downtown Mall FB
Charlottesville is one of the greatest places to raise a family. There are tons of festivals, classes and educational opportunities.

G: Good People

Photo: Downtown Mall FB
CVille is full of interesting, kind, diverse and passionate people. You never know who you’ll befriend in this town.

H: History

We have a very active historical society in Charlottesville. Many of our structures have a rich history that the people of CVille never forget.

I: Ivy Creek

Photo: Ivy Creek Foundation FB
Ivy Creek is a serene natural habitat that Charlottesville hikers love to visit for a quiet and relaxing day in nature.

J: Jefferson’s Legacy

Photo: UVA FB
There are few places where Thomas Jefferson had more of an impact than Charlottesville. His name and face can be found everywhere. From Monticello to UVA, he has certainly left his mark in our town.

K: Knowledge

Photo: Blue Whale Books FB
Charlottesville has plenty of bookstores and libraries to keep you busy, but we also have a history of book loving in our resident founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe’s personal libraries influenced our own public libraries. Jefferson was once quoted saying “I cannot live without books.”

L: Live Music

Photo: Southern Cafe & Music Hall FB
There are at least 10 different concerts and live music events going on any day of the week in Charlottesville.

M: Monticello

Photo: Monticello FB
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is a beloved landmark in Charlottesville. It is one of the top sites to see in the country and has been visited by several presidents and world officials.


N: New Ideas

Photo: Charlottesville Downtown Mall
Charlottesville has tons of interesting TEDx events, because our people are full of original ideas.

O: Orchards

Photo: Carter Mountain Orchard FB
As lovers of fresh produce, it should be no surprise that we love to pick our own fruit!

P: Paramount Theater

Photo: Paramount FB
Our historic Downtown theater hosts everything from big name musicians and weddings to screenings.

Q: Quiet Mornings In A Cafe

Photo: Java Java FB
Whether you’re escaping the weather or starting your day, Charlottesville has no shortage of soothing atmospheres to sip a warm beverage in a cozy chair.

R: Romance

Photo: Clifton Inn FB
Charlottesville is a bride’s dream. There’s a huge selection of vineyards, historical venues, bakeries and caterers to choose from!

S: Spudnuts

Photo: Foursquare
Spudnuts is a must see stop on any Charlottesville culinary tour.

T: Twisted Brand Tea Bazaar

Tea at the Twisted Branch is a unique experience. Check out the tree shelf that looks like a set piece from Labyrinth.

U: Unforgettable Experiences

The naturalization ceremony at Monticello is something every American should see at least once.

V: Viticulture

Photo: Barboursville Vineyards FB
Charlottesville’s location in the heart of Wine Country gives its people a wonderful opportunity to taste fine wines.

W: Wholesome Foods

Photo: City Market FB
Our passion for farm-to-table restaurants and organic produce makes our farmer’s market one of the best in the state!

X: Extraordinary Coffee

Photo: Mudhouse FB
We love beer, wine and, ofcourse, craft coffee!

Y: Yummy Cocktails

Photo: CVille Photo & Video
Charlottesville has a wonderful nightlife with tons of bars that make delicious and unique cocktails. Try them all (just not in one night).

Z: Zazus Fresh Grille

Photo: Zazus FB
Zazus is one of Charlottesville’s favorite places for quick service and fresh wraps.

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