Chef Craig Hartman’s Family Tree Leaving Lasting Legacy In Charlottesville, Virginia


Craig Hartman: Curtis worked for me for many years.

Jerry Miller: Curtis Shaver of Hamiltons’ and Peloton Station.

Craig Hartman: Melissa, from Junction, she worked for me for many years. And then I had former Sous Chef Rachel from Cakes By Rachel, Mike Yager who worked at The Glass House, Todd Grieger who’s over here at Oakhart Social, Mike Ketola from Mas, Keaton Contini the chef de cuisine at Mas, Billy Scatena from the new steakhouse, Amalia Scatena who was at Pippin Hill and Zero George, for Easton Porter Group, I mean the list goes on and on.

Then the folks that followed me after Clifton Inn and kept that beautiful place getting better and better, Christian Kelly, Dean Maupin, Tucker Yoder…

Jerry Miller: We should talk about that right there. Let’s highlight four chefs in succession in one place. With yourself, Christian Kelly is the Executive Chef at Maya in midtown, Tucker Yoder at Back 40, Dean Maupin at C & O. How do you get four chefs of that quality in one restaurant, back-to-back-to-back-to-back?

Craig Hartman: I don’t really know how it happened, all I know is it was a good thing. When you leave a place like that, you hope that whoever comes in is going to take that ball and keep running with it.

You don’t want someone to say, “That place was great,” you want them to say, “That place IS great,” and you can say, “You know what, I had a part in that.” And those guys always made me proud, and they are fantastic chefs, every one of them.

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