City Council Candidate Michael Payne Joined Jerry Miller On The I ❤️ CVille Show!


City Council Candidate Michael Payne joined me on The I Love CVille Show to spotlight his first-place showing in the Democratic primary, a race that saw him win seven out of nine city precincts.

I asked Michael about the following:

1. How did he feel when he won the Democratic primary?
2. Will he make an effort to run on one ticket with Lloyd Snook and Sena Floyd as the three Democrats make a push to the November 5 general election?
3. Outside of affordable housing, how will Michael help our most impoverished citizens in Charlottesville?
4. What is Michael’s strategy to fix The Landmark Hotel, which is owned by John Dewberry, the extorting emperor of empty lots (Dewberry Capital Corporation)?
5. What will Michael’s top 5 initiatives be should he win a seat on council?
6. How will Michael help build affordable housing in CVille, specifically through changing the abundance of R1 Zoning in city limits?
7. How important is the tourism industry to Michael’s campaign?
8. What does Michael think about Jaffray Woodriff’s plans to evolve Charlottesville into a technology epicenter, including his efforts to build a tech incubator on The Downtown Mall?
9. How does Michael view Bellamy W. Brown as an opponent in the November 5 general election?
10. If Michael is elected to Charlottesville City Council, who will he select as Mayor of Charlottesville? Will he make a push to support Mayor Nikuyah J Walker for a second term as mayor?
11. Albemarle County has only had one African American in the history of the municipality win a seat on Board of Supervisors. What does Michael think about this? What can he do to help change this?

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