Collectors Help Keep Vinyl, Charlottesville Store Relevant


Records, Vinyl, 45s, 33s – Some call it retro, others call it old school, but for one Charlottesville store it means business. For the last few decades vinyl has been kept alive by club DJs, but they are making a comeback thanks to collectors.

With iPods and MP3’s dominating the music scene, records seem like a forgotten entity. However, as the collector trend grows, vinyl still holds on.

Even with the digital music takeover, tucked away record stores all over, like Plan 9 in Charlottesville, are still in business.

“Vinyl now is actually doing well because the people still interested in buying things physically, that’s mostly what they want is vinyl more than CDs,” said Mike Casey, a Plan 9 employee.

The novelty of records keeps them in such high demand.


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Scoutology Staff