concorDance Contemporary In Crozet


concorDance contemporary (cDc) is a professional dance company, and a non-profit organization, a division of Studio for the Performing Arts (SFTPA). Founded by Veronica Hart in May 2012, they aim to create a closer relationship between the audience and the artists’ appeal to a modern audience.

Their mission continues further with the goal of making dance more available, accessible, and relatable so that it can be used as a way of collaboration and exploration for both the dancers and audience.

This new dance company is based in Crozet, about 20 miles outside Charlottesville, and operates out of the Albemarle Ballet Theatre studio. As a new dance company, their goal is to create a larger community and audience for dance, as well to help viewers appreciate dance as more than just entertainment.

concorDance Contemporary believes “It is a voice to communicate, a vehicle for exploration of the world and ourselves, a tool for research, a form of expression, a bridge to education, and a really great way to play.”

Dance is used all over the world as a way to communicate and build relationships, and that is just what Veronica wants to do here in the Charlottesville area. They work with many other local, Charlottesville artists to help create an experience to show you the endless possibilities dance can offer.

concorDance contemporary is currently raising money through Kickstarter for their upcoming show “Tripping the light fantastic.” Their goal is only $2,000 to put on an amazing show. To pledge your support go here!

concorDance contemporary is always looking for volunteers for their different events and fundraisers. They are currently in need of help for their fundraiser event on Sunday September 8th. If you are interested, email

For more information about concorDance contemporary visit their website at or “Like their Facebook page.

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