Danville Will Be The First City In Virginia With A Year-Round Biergarten. Why Is Danville Beating Charlottesville At Policy Innovation??


Photo Courtesy of Danville, Virginia Government

Danville, Virginia City Council approved a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) on Tuesday, April 5 with an 8-1 vote. The DORA will be integrated into Downtown Danville and will be utilized as a driver of incremental tax revenue and an economic stimulus for businesses around the Danville region.

The Virginia ABC must now approve the DORA license, which it likely will in 60-90 days according to Danville City Councilor Lee Vogler, the innovator who led the DORA charge.

Vogler will join Jerry Miller on Friday, April 8 at 12:30 pm to highlight the new Downtown DORA planned for The Comeback City.

Nicknamed “The Comeback City,” Danville is very close to being the first locality in Virginia to establish a year-round DORA where locals, students and tourists alike can carry beer, wine and cocktails on streets, sidewalks and into stores.

These positive Danville circumstances leave me questioning Charlottesville City Council and why it is not utilizing innovative policy to drive incremental tax revenue and small business support through a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area on The Downtown Mall.

Learn more about how a DORA can positively impact the City of Charlottesville, Virginia here:

Charlottesville City Council Should Create A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area Now To Drive New Tax Revenue


The Downtown Mall Biergarten Can Help Fund Charlottesville City School Reconfiguration

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