Foodie Fest, Localized Menus, and a Happy Anniversary


Yolk lore

Speaking of local food, Fardowners chef Mark Cosgrove is a die-hard locavore who has ramped up the restaurant’s locally sourced menu items to feature Timbercreek Organics beef sliders, freshly baked bread from Goodwin Creek Bakery, pork from The Rock Barn, beef hot dogs by the Best of What’s Around, and eggs from Innisfree. Cosgrove said that, since the change, he’s been met with differing views from diners: “They seem confused as to why the egg yolks in their brunch omelet are orange instead of bright yellow,” he said. The yolks are meant to be that color, he points out, instead of the bright yellow color of factory-farmed eggs. Will local wonders never cease?


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Scoutology Staff