Full Of Beans (And Rice): Can Local Options Stack Up To Popeyes?


The fast food franchise gods have extended a gesture of mercy toward us and hath bestowed upon our town a considerable bounty of good tidings with the opening of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (1). It might behoove us all to send up thanks with abandon and with earnest zeal as then these gods may see fit to soon grant us a Krystal or a Del Taco, moving us closer to the day when we look over a fully realized national franchise tapestry, as proud as any in the Northern South.

I have lived in a Popeyes-free zone in the past, in Buffalo, New York. The one escape hatch was the Popeyes located at the first service plaza east of town on the New York State Thruway. I merely needed to get a toll ticket, drive 15 or so miles toward Rochester, hit the plaza, gobble down the goodness, get back on the Turnpike, take the first exit, pay a nominal toll, exact a U-turn, get another toll ticket, drive back to my home exit, pay another small fee, and be happy to have done it.

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Scoutology Staff