Glass Haus’ Ian Boden Delights Diners/Critics Alike


Assuming his new post as executive chef of Glass Haus Kitchen this past fall, Ian Boden had big shoes to fill—but they were all his own. The Northern Virginia native who put his New England Culinary Institute degree to use for 10 years in the kitchens of top New York restaurants, opened Staunton Grocery in early 2007 as an ode to our embarrassment of locally produced riches. For the nearly five years that it stood, Staunton Grocery collected accolades as big as its fan base. When the doors closed in December 2011, mourners across Virginia kept their ears pricked to Boden’s every tweet for clues as to where he might land next.

To Charlottesville’s luck, his first perch was here, at Blue Light Grill last spring. It was an exciting, albeit totally unexpected, move, since the Downtown Mall establishment’s known more as a watering hole than a fine dining destination. That was the whole idea, of course, and while it certainly raised its reputation, the fit wasn’t right. The crowd still seemed more focused on bottle-to-glass drinking than farm-to-table eating.


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Scoutology Staff