Haute Chinese: Chang Celebrates Top Ten Honors


When the editors of Travel & Leisure Magazine set out earlier this year to find the best Chinese restaurants in America, they had a daunting task. There are now over 41,000 Chinese restaurants in this country, according to industry research– that’s three times the number of McDonald’s, making General Tso possibly more familiar to most people than Ronald McDonald. Of course, as native Chinese will tell you, most of the typical “Chinese” dishes you’ll find in American restaurants are about as Chinese as a Big Mac. However, over the last few years, more authentic Chinese food has gained popularity, and what’s more, Chinese cuisine, so often thought of as a kind of fast-food item, has begun establishing itself as haute cuisine for the American palate.

Remarkably, one of the stars of this movement, chef Peter Chang, opened a restaurant right here in Charlottesville just over two years ago. Since then, he’s opened two more restaurants in Richmond and Atlanta and become something of a celebrity, cooking for movie stars and New York City food reviewers at the James Beard House, twice now. He’s also the subject of a movie currently in production.

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Scoutology Staff