If John Dewberry Kept His Promises, CVille Would Be A Better Place


If John Dewberry of Dewberry Capital Corporation followed through on his promises, then Charlottesville, Virginia would be a better place. Because of John Dewberry, The Charlottesville Downtown Mall skyline is stuck with a cancerous eyesore that is negatively impacting the heartbeat of our City.

C’mon, John, enough is enough! I’m tired of your shenanigans and your smoke-and-mirror B.S.

CVillians, please consider the following events:

(1). The Landmark Hotel enjoyed its ground-breaking in March, 2008. This boutique hotel was a joint venture with developer Lee Danielson and internet entrepreneur Halsey Minor. This J.V. ended in a miserable divorce on December, 2008.
(2). In June, 2012, John Dewberry of Dewberry Capital won the hotel at auction with a $6.25 million dollar bid. Dewberry, a Waynesboro native, was once a star quarterback at Georgia Tech.
(3). After years of promises and failed progress, in January, 2014, The Charlottesville Planning Commission voted 7-0 and requested that John Dewberry provide security and progress updates on The Landmark Hotel. John Dewberry ignored The Charlottesville Planning Commission and challenged them to do something about.
(4). In January, 2016, Charlottesville City Council directed staff to pursue legal action to either force construction or force public acquisition through eminent domain. John Dewberry listened to Charlottesville City Council and proceeded to ignore their threats. John Dewberry laughed at CVille City Council and said, “what are you doing to do about it?”
(5). There are current members of Charlottesville City Council who have won their offices based on campaigns that called for the completion of The Landmark Hotel. Think about that…

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