Jay Osborne Captures 2018 CVille Racquetball Championship At ACAC


Jay Osborne captured The 2018 Charlottesville Racquetball Championship on Wednesday night at ACAC Charlottesville with a 15-5, 15-7 victory over Jerry Miller in front of a packed house scintillating with excitement!

Osborne, the No. 61 ranked player in Virginia, outclassed Miller, 15-5, 15-7, to win the title. He advanced to the finals after an epic, 15-3, 15-3, upset of ACAC Racquetball Pro Bruce Pierce, who is ranked No. 33 in Virginia.

Soft-handed southpaw Sean O’Connor beat Bob Dame in the B-League Championship, and Nick Myers pounded Charles Robinson to claim the C-League crown. Sean now advances to the A-League while Nick migrates to the B-League.

The next Charlottesville Racquetball season begins on September 1 with the championship tentatively scheduled for December 15.

Thank you to Bruce Pierce and ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers for hosting yet another top-flight league and championship. About halfway through the A-League Championship, Osborne and Miller looked up and witnessed a standing room only crowd of passionate racquetball and squash players. It was a special night.

Also, on the squash side, congratulations to Bruce Pierce for winning the A-League Championship and Chris Carwile for winning the B-League Championship.

If you’d like to begin playing rBall or squash, I suggest you join ACAC. The best racquetball players in Charlottesville and Central Virginia are playing at ACAC without question.

Lastly, the gentlemen at The Standardsville Oddsmakers did an excellent job of setting the betting lines last night:

Jay Osborne: -6.5 point favorite
Sean O’Connor: -2.5 point favorite
Nick Myers: -9.5 point favorite

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