Kluge v. Trump: Lawsuit Alleges Land-Deal Fraud


John Kluge, Jr. wants his land back. That would be the 217-acre front yard of Albemarle House, the mansion his mother, winemaker Patricia Kluge, lived in until the bank foreclosed on the property in 2011. Both land and mansion are now owned by Donald Trump. A lawsuit filed April 5 in Albemarle Circuit Court contends that Trump “fraudulently acquired” the separate front yard and is now stiffing John Kluge’s trust for more money promised if Albemarle House sold within two years.

Kluge’s father, billionaire John W. Kluge, put the 217-acre parcel into a trust for his son in 2000.

When Patricia Kluge ran into financial difficulties in 2010 and saw her winery and house go into foreclosure, her buddy Donald Trump swooped in and bought Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard at auction for $6.21 million.

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Scoutology Staff