LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


The 6th annual LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph begins next Thursday, June 13th, on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. The festival goes through Sunday the 15th and includes many different exhibits featuring nine presenting artists. This event will not only take place on the open mall, but also in the Paramount Theater and the Ntelos Wireless Pavilion.

Each different exhibit or event within the week has a different purpose. The TREES exhibit takes a more ecological approach to promote conservation ideas and environmental awareness. The Shots & Works Exhibits in the Ntelos Wireless Pavilion give artists the opportunity the present an entire project to a large audience. The Insight Artists exhibits, taking place in the Paramount Theater, allow audiences to listen to artists tell their stories and learn about each individuals’ experiences in shaping photography. Other exhibits during the event include the “YourSpace & BOOKstore,” the “POY” or “Picutres of the Year,” “Books in Progress” and other local galleries’ exhibits.

The festival also includes an “Education Week” package which includes classes and portfolio reviews, “Portfolio Reviews” on their own, and “Adobe Lightroom Courses.” These educational events take place in The Jefferson Theater and are run by a very talented group of artists. The programs are on a first come, first serve basis and give students an expert view on each subject. Students will also have the opportunity to meet other students from the Charlottesville area who are interested in photography.

Photographers created the Festival of the Photograph for those whom share the love and excitement of the still image created the Festival of the Photograph. The Downtown Mall is taken over by photographs starting in Mid-June when photographs are hung in the trees and progressing gradually until the art is on the side of buildings, in galleries, and projected into storefront windows. This festival not only provides great entertainment and amazement to many, but also brings together an international community centered in photography.

For more information on artists, exhibits, and tickets visit http://www.look3.org/ . On this site, you’ll also be able to find details about donating, volunteering, travel & lodging information, and more! This festival is just another reason #ILoveCVille.

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Scoutology Staff