Mark Lorenzoni, The Co-Owner Of Ragged Mountain Running & Walking Shop, Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Entrepreneur Mark Lorenzoni, the co-owner of Ragged Mountain Running Shop, joined me on The I Love CVille Show powered by Roy Wheeler Realty Co., Intrastate Inc., Dr. Scott Wagner of Scott Wagner Chiropractic and Sports Medicine and Greenberry’s Coffee at Barracks Road!

Here are some of the topics we covered:

(1). I asked Mark to put the Ragged Mountain Running Shop journey into perspective. Ragged Mountain Running Shop is an institution and a zocalo in Charlottesville, Virginia. How has RMRS earned such a sterling reputation in CVille?

(2). Mark and his fabulous wife, Cynthia, are also business partners at Ragged Mountain Running Shop. I asked Mark to put this into perspective.

(3). Mark and Cynthia launched RMRS 37 years ago!! Mark was 27 years old, and Cynthia was 25 years old. I asked Mark what it was like to launch a business at such a young age with his wife. I also asked him about market conditions at the time. If you are an entrepreneur, you should listen to Mark’s perspective very closely!

(4). Ragged Mountain Running Shop does a fantastic job of pivoting its model and trying new things to keep its business fresh, innovative and top-of-mind. I asked Mark about this. As entrepreneurs, we all must constantly improve our businesses to succeed. Ragged Mountain Running Shop is a microcosm of that!

(5). All three of Mark and Cynthia’s children (Alec, Audrey and Adrian) have worked at Ragged Mountain Running Shop. As a new father myself, I LOVE THIS!! I asked Mark what it’s like to have his children work alongside him in the business.

(6). We discussed the University of Virginia and why it was important for Mark and Cynthia to launch their business on The UVA Corner. Mark’s answer is awesome!!

(7). Mark spotlighted UVA President Jim Ryan on the show today. Jim and Mark are friends. Mark explained why Jim is a tremendous leader and an asset to our community! (Side-note: Jim, if you have time, I would love to invite you on the show!! How do I go about doing this, sir??)

(8). We discussed the internet and how it is impacting brick-and-mortar businesses. Mark’s answer and insight into this topic are right on point. If you are a retailer of any kind, please listen closely to Mark’s answer on how Ragged Mountain Running Shop is combatting the interwebs!

(9). We discussed Charlottesville’s political climate and its aftermath after A12. Mark was honest and forthright with his thoughts on this topic.

(10). I asked Mark if he thinks CVille is a better place today, or if it was a better place 40 years ago when he first arrived to Charlottesville, Virginia!

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