Matty Hart Of The Local Restaurant Beats John Shanesy Of The Whiskey Jar In The Duel Chef Showdown


Matty Hart, the executive chef at The Local Restaurant and Catering, advanced to the Elite 8 of The Duel Chef Showdown with a slim 115-110 victory over Executive Chef John Shanesy of The Whiskey Jar on Monday night at Tin Whistle Irish Pub.

The 5-point margin of victory was the tightest of any Duel Chef Showdown (more than 20 events). Each chef wowed the crowd with their creativity, attention to detail and integration of apples, the common ingredient, into all four courses.

In the end, Hart established a strong advantage in the first course and built momentum from there.

Hart advances to the Elite 8 where he will face Dylan Allwood, executive chef at tavola restaurant.

1. Matty Hart’s First Dish: Fish & Apple Chips, Celeriac Remoulade

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

2. John Shanesy’s First Dish: Apple Aji Dulce, Chicken Broth, Sprouted Lentils

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

3. Matty Hart’s Second Dish: Duo Of Apple Cider BBQ Pork With Duo Of Apple Slaws

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

4. John Shanesy’s Second Dish: Hamachi, Cucumber, Ham, Polenta Sourdough, Fuji Apple

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

5. Matty Hart’s Third Dish: Short Ribs Braised With Apple Brandy, Caramelized Apples & Cauliflower Potato Puree

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

6. John Shanesy’s Third Dish: Cornish Hen, Crab, Apple & Pork Glace, Anchovy & Apple Salad

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

7. Matty Hart’s Fourth Dish: Apple Fritters With Apple Ice Cream

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

8. John Shanesy’s Fourth Dish: Apple Compote Inside White Chocolate Mousse Shaped Like An Apple

Photo: CVille Photo & Video

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