Broadcasters Max Robinson, Charles A. Lewis & Troy Robinson Joined Jerry Miller On The I Love CVille Show!


Broadcasters Maxicelia Robinson, Charles A. Lewis and Troy Robinson (aka “Razor”) joined me on The I Love CVille Show! This awesome trio hosts the “In My Humble Opinion” radio show on WVAI 101.3 Jamz!

On today’s show, we covered the following:

1. The history of Vinegar Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia. In 1965, the entire neighborhood was razed as part of an urban renewal plan initiated in the 1950s. One church, 30 businesses and 158 families were displaced, almost all African American. Six hundred community members were moved into the Fairhaven public housing complex. Families who had lived in stand-alone houses now resided in multi-family complexes.

2. We discussed the eradication of Thomas Jefferson from the City of Charlottesville calendar. Was this the right move?

3. How is gentrification impacting the City of Charlottesville, including historically African American neighborhoods like 10th & Page and Fifeville?

4. How do we make the Charlottesville DowntownMall more welcoming for African Americans?

5. Why is Tanesha Hudson’s Unity Days event being hosted in Tonsler Park instead of the Sprint Pavilion on The Downtown Mall?

6. How do we create more jobs across Charlottesville and Central Virginia for people of all races, specifically people of color?

7. How can the City of Charlottesville improve its efforts with supporting African Americans in their efforts to create new businesses?

8. How has Dr. Wes Bellamy impacted the City of CVille?

9. Why are there iron bars surrounding Friendship Court?

10. How can we improve the Charlottesville school system to have positive impact on the African American community?

Listen to the full show as an iTunes Podcast here:

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