Meet Meg Zakin, Owner Of One Meatball Place


“We have been open a year, and it’s been a great year,” said Meg Zakin, the owner of One Meatball Place in Midtown CVille. “We really appreciate all the patronage we’ve had.”

One Meatball Place is situated in the Market Street Annex in the quickly growing West Main Shopping District. Visit One Meatball Place for lunch or dinner at 513 West Main Street.

“We’ve added some new things. For instance, we have new food items on our menu, like Whitefish Tacos,” Meg explained. “It’s a whitefish meatball with sweet and tangy sauces.”

Locals and UVa students alike love One Meatball Place. The falafel, salads, tacos, meatballs and ice cream sandwiches are quickly making names for themselves in CVille!

“We have a cheddar, bacon and sirloin steak meatball,” Meg said, “that has been wildly popular.”

Steve Miller, formerly of Baja Bean karaoke fame, is now a popular attraction at One Meatball Place on Thursday evenings.

“We’ve introduced karaoke on Thursday night with Steve Miller of Thunder Music. He is a legend in Charlottesville,” Zakin said. “We hope you come join us.”

You can also order OMP cuisine straight to your home, dorm room or office.

“To make things easier for you folks who aren’t in walking distance or don’t want to leave your office, we are working with GrubHub for deliveries from 12 noon to 9 at night,” Zakin said. “We hope you take advantage of that service, as well.”

One Meatball Place offers free parking next door.

To learn more, visit One Meatball Place online ( and “Like” their Facebook page:

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