More Kebabs: Spice Makes The Difference


Dish has counted at least three new kebab shops that have opened in Charlottesville recently, and we got to wondering: how do they differ?

According to Nasir Sahti, owner of Kabab and Curry, the new restaurant that opened a month ago in the space that used to house Semolina on West Main Street near Baja Bean Co., kebabs (spelled in a variety of ways) vary based on the ethnic heritage they represent. “There are few Afghani kebab places in this area, and not many that are Pakistani,” notes Sahti, who says the difference is in the seasoning. “When you eat our food you will see the taste is different,” Sahti promises. “It’s spicier.”

His restaurant also features Middle Eastern, Pakistani, and Indian dishes, offering a bigger variety of combinations and dishes than, say, a restaurant that features only Middle Eastern cuisine.


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Scoutology Staff