PastureQ Closes In Stonefield; Another Chocolate Shop Comes Downtown!


PastureQ Leaves Stonefield (Formerly Known As Pasture)


Originally known as “Pasture,” this restaurant delighted diners with unique Southern-inspired fare and an inventive cocktail selection.

Despite their praiseworthy menu, Pasture struggled to find a place in Charlottesville and rebranded in 2014 as PastureQ.

PastureQ’s new focus on BBQ didn’t stray from their unique culinary style. Fans of the restaurant will no doubt miss such savory dishes as the frito pie and sweets like the Duke’s Mayonnaise chocolate cake.

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I think we will all miss the inspired gambler cocktails that PastureQ would come up with every night.
Photo: PastureQ FB

Miso Sweet Enters The Scene; Replaces Eppie’s Restaurant on The Downtown Mall

The news of Eppie’s closing has a silver lining!


Beloved Charlottesville icon, Eppie’s Restaurant is making room for a new and original lunch destination!

We currently know very little about Miso Sweet, but we do know they will be serving ramen and donuts in the old Eppie’s location.

This unique combination has yet to be offered in Charlottesville.

Miso Sweet is scheduled to open in mid-August. Charlie Kabbash is the owner of the building.

Everyone at I Love CVille eagerly awaits Miso Sweet’s August opening and can’t wait to see what kind of donuts (and ramen) they have to offer The Downtown Mall.

Photo: Downtown Mall FB

We are so excited to welcome Miso Sweet to The Downtown Mall.

Downtown Chocolate Gets Really, Really Competitive!

With local stalwart Gearharts Fine Chocolate holding down the top-spot in Midtown, The Downtown Mall has quickly become a mecca for chocolate lovers. Michigan sweet shop, Kilwins will also be opening on The Downtown Mall, joining My Chocolate Shoppe and Wine Loves Chocolate.
So what can we expect from this newcomer?

Photo: Kilwins FB
Kilwins deals in a wide selection of chocolate, ice cream and their own special fudge recipe.


Fudge - Web LG
Photo: Kilwins Website
Kilwins prides itself on it’s unique fudge flavors like toasted coconut, butter pecan and sea-salt caramel.

Photo: Kilwins FB
Kilwins also offers dipped apples, strawberries and clusters.

Will Kilwins be able to hold up to our local chocolatiers? We’ll just have to hope this town is big enough for Kilwins, Gearhart’s, My Chocolate Shoppe and Wine Loves Chocolate.

Photo: My Chocolate Shoppe FB

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