Quiche Master Lynette Meynig Shares Her Secrets


To the untrained eye, the quiche is a seemingly simple dish that requires very little skill and few ingredients. It consists, after all, of only two elements: crust and filling. But think again.

This French-inspired staple of American cuisine is subtle and sophisticated, varied and complex. If you ask Lynette Meynig, she’ll tell you that the secret to a great quiche is the crust.

“It’s like working with clay,” she said, and just like clay, knowing how to handle it is a major advantage.

Meynig knows a thing or two about crusts, pies, and quiches. The owner of Family Ties & Pies, she bakes dozens of sweet and savory pies to sell at the City Market every Saturday. During times of high demand, the number increases to hundreds. She can make a perfectly buttery crust in her sleep.

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Scoutology Staff