Sophie Speidel Is A Longtime Customer At Greenberry’s Coffee Co. In Charlottesville, Virginia!


Jerry Miller: Hey guys, Jerry Miller outside Greenberry’s Coffee Co. in Barracks Road Shopping Center with Sophie Speidel. She has tremendous ties to this business and we just kind of figured this out in passing. Let’s first start with the family ties.

Sophie Speidel: Two out of my three children worked in the summers here at Greenberry’s when they were in college and really enjoyed it.

Jerry Miller: What was it that they enjoyed about working here?

Sophie Speidel: I think they enjoyed all the different people that they met. They certainly saw their Mom and Dad here a lot. And a lot of their friends. And it’s just a great place for a young person to work.

Jerry Miller: Totally agree with that and I get the impression that you’re a frequent customer here at Greenberry’s.

Sophie Speidel: I am.

Jerry Miller: Why do you come here so often?

Sophie Speidel: Well, it’s convenient in terms of parking. A running crew that I run with weekly meets here and we come and have coffee after our runs. And that’s been a tradition for at least 20 years that I’ve lived here.

Jerry Miller: And that’s one of the things I love about the brand, Charlottesville’s Longest Running Coffee Roaster, they have found a way to kind of weave the brand into many different aspects of the community.

Sophie Speidel: Yes.

Jerry Miller: With the running crew coming here, I mean you guys are getting after it and then you come and have some iced lattes?

Sophie Speidel: Oh, yeah. And in the wintertime, it’s a great place. We have a run around the Rivanna Trail every winter and we park here and celebrate with coffee when we’re done with that run, about a twenty mile run.

Jerry Miller: Great answer. Sophie Speidel loves Greenberry’s Coffee, so do I. Greenberry’s is Charlottesville’s Longest Running Coffee Roaster.

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