The IX Art Park Should Be The New Home Of The Charlottesville City Market And Here’s Why

Jerry Miller, CEO

The IX Art Park should be the new home of The Charlottesville City Market and here’s why:

Now that Keith O. Woodard’s $50 million dollar Water Street development is in the can, it’s time to consider new homes for The CVille Market, which had been planned as the flagship tenant of Woodard’s 10-story mixed use project on Water Street.

(1). The Ix Art Park offers more shade, more grass and a better quality of life for merchants and consumers. Seriously. This is a no brainer. Currently, The City Market is on a black asphalt parking lot. The heat and humidity can be miserable at times. These weather conditions would be alleviated considerably by adding grass, shade and more space. That’s what Ix Art Park offers.

(2). The Ix Art Park offers much more space than the current Water Street parking lot. Imagine a City Market that is strategically spaced throughout Ix Art Park and its acreage. Vendors will have more space for each of their “stalls” at Ix Art Park. Consumers will have more space for shopping. We will feel less cramped at the Ix Art Park. The quality of life improves for everyone!

(3). There is more parking for consumers at Ix Art Park. The parking situation for the current City Market is horrendous. The City Market parking is so bad people are even parking in the ACAC Charlottesville downtown parking lots and walking over to Water Street. It’s just a cluster f*ck.

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