The Making Of Continental’s Perfect Tuna Tostada


This started out as a nachos survey, with me sampling some platters from a few establishments around the village perimeter, plus one on the Downtown Mall, just to establish a baseline. But I knew all along where it was going, where I would end up directing my sunshiny prose. I wanted to be in a spot with an ambrosial margarita, where the nachos, although a proper stand-in for supper fare, are abused as an excuse to order one more to wash it all down.

But this isn’t a drinking story. Not yet anyway.

Continental Divide is usually mad busy, which is why I have never made it past the point of giving my name to the hostess and then “waiting” at the bar with only appetizers and cocktails to keep me company until I’m full. I always end up figuring I’ll try back later. Finally, that later date came.

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