There Is A History Of Fashion At Vintage Vixen


Owner, Carole Thompson and her family have been involved in the industry over many fashion seasons. In the 1980′s, Carole was a high fashion model with the Ford modeling agency of New York. Her daughter, Marlowe, is currently modeling around the globe. From Carole’s own love for the timeless work of fabulous designers, to her trendsetting daughter’s own finds, they have the generation gap covered.

The Vintage Vixen family can find that fabulous outfit that is right for you without the couture cost. Carole’s sons, Tyler and Harrison, have also had a huge impact on the shop’s unique collection, helping to find men’s wear, selecting the recycled bags, and designing the french salon atmosphere of the interior. It is so important to us at Vintage Vixen that the quest to be fashionable does not sacrifice today’s resources through the needless consumerism and waste that is part of today’s fashion culture. The clothes found at VV are timeless classics that bespeak the quality tailoring that cannot be matched today. The fashion and accessories themselves speak of individuality, conscious awareness, and quality over quantity. Shop at VV. It is the fashionable way to be green.

So, head on over to The Vintage Vixen and show them some love. Here at vmv brands we truly enjoy showcasing the best that Charlottesville has to offer!

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Scoutology Staff