Top 10 On-Air Radio DJ’s In CVille


1. Brad Savage, Program Director And Morning Drive Host (6 AM – 12 PM), 106.1 FM The Corner

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Brad Savage is a true “radio geek.” Brad’s passion for music and deep appreciation for Charlottesville shine through his on-air persona. We especially enjoy when Brad discusses “everyday life” circumstances, including his trials and tribulations as a new father and husband (Brad’s wife, Rachel Peltzman, is an effervescent and beautiful nurse at UVa).

Brad is a trend-setter on-air and has quickly made 106.1 FM The Corner one of the premiere destinations on the CVille radio dial. Plus, we appreciate Brad’s laid-back choice of clothing (have you ever seen this dude in anything but jeans and a t-shirt??)!

2. PJ Styles, Program Director & Afternoon Drive Host, Hot 101.9 FM

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PJ Styles must be chugging from the Fountain of Youth because this dude just doesn’t age! If you’ve grown up in CVille over the last decade and change, you know the name PJ Styles. A Top 40 virtuoso, PJ will croon to Katie Perry in the shower, rap with Biggie Smalls at the gym and then take-it-down-a-notch with Justin Timberlake while prepping dinner for his beautiful bride.

A diehard Chicago Cubs fan (he named his Boston Terrier, “Wrigley”), PJ has some of the best hair in the business and is often asked, “Hey, dude! Who frosted your tips??”

3. Vinnie Kice, Operations Manager At Monticello Media + Morning Drive Host, HitKicker 99.7 FM. Pam Garrison, Morning Drive Host, HitKicker 99.7 FM

pam and vinne
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When we listen to Vinnie Kice and Pam Garrison in the mornings, we know we are hearing radio gold in action! Vinnie and Pam run the gamut when it comes to news, humor, pop culture and current events (current for Pam; Vinnie is a few years behind …. Just kidding, Vinnie!).

Vinnie and Pam have a wonderful on-air dynamic and can often be heard finishing each other’s sentences and jokes. Vinnie and Pam’s morning show is suitable for the entire family and all ages!

4. Max & Highway John Of “The Big Greasy Breakfast,” Morning Drive, 97.5 FM 3WV

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The most well-known “shock jocks” in CVille, Max & Highway John love to have a great time on “The Big Greasy Breakfast.” This passion, enthusiasm and zest for life are conveyed through the airwaves as “The Big Greasy Breakfast” continues to boom in popularity in Central Virginia.

With raunchy and irreverent humor, Max & Highway may make folks bristle, but they certainly have them listening to 3WV! When we think of 3WV, we immediately think of Max & Highway!

5. Greg Breeden, Afternoon Drive Host + General Manager, Big Country 105.3 FM

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A veteran broadcaster and a legend in Central Virginia, Greg Breeden has worked all over The Commonwealth in his 25+ years in radio. Greg’s jolly, jovial nature makes for slapstick funny bits and jokes. Check him out Monday through Friday 3-7.

6. Jeff Sweatman, Afternoon Drive Host, 106.1 FM The Corner

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Jeff Sweatman has been a lover of radio since high school. Jeff loves broadcasting, but his favorite part is recording “The Corner Lounge Sessions.” With guests like Lucious and Colbie Caillat, who can blame him?

Along with sizzling on-air, Jeff is now working on improving Brad Savage’s wardrobe selection.

7. Jay Lopez, Morning Drive Host, Generations 102.3 FM (also on HitKicker 99.7 FM at times)

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Jay Lopez is an award-winning broadcaster and deeply involved with our community, specifically through a program he developed to recognize local school teachers. Jay has also raised money for the UVA Breast Care Center, UVA Children’s Hospital, Virginia Blood Services and Martha Jefferson Hospital’s Cancer Resource Center.

Jay transitioned from the Charlottesville Radio Group to Monticello Media a few years ago and has not looked back!

8. Les Sinclair, Program Director + On-Air Personality, Z95.1 FM

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The voice of Christmas music in Central Virginia, Les Sinclair’s name is synonymous with the holidays, egg nogg and getting freaky under the mistletoe! (Yep, we said it!)

Because of its “safe music selection,” Lite Rock Z 95.1 is also the preferred choice of most businesses in CVille, so you may be listening to Les-Sin while waiting for your dentist, doctor, CPA or lawyer.

9. Kevin Quigley, Weekend Host + Executive Producer, Big Country 105.3 FM

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Kevin Quigley is a veteran radio broadcaster who has worked under three programming formats (Christian, Sports, Country) while on-air with the Positive Radio Group.

Quigley’s silky-smooth voice and vast music knowledge make him one of the most well-rounded radio broadcasters in Central Virginia. Quigley’s alter ego, “The Man in Black,” can be heard DJ’ing bars and events across CVille.

When Quigley is not on-air, he is most likely telling tall tales with his friends over cold beers.

10. Perry Stone, Afternoon Drive + Brand Manager, 97.5 FM 3WV

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A “shock jock,” Perry Stone pushes the on-air limits, giving his listeners a cross between Howard Stern, Saturday Night Live & Crank Yankers!

While we find Stone’s style entertaining, some call it raunchy, rude and random. That’s probably why Perry has experienced an “on-air hiatus” or two, especially in today’s sensitive, politcally correct climate.

We appreciate Perry’s fearlessnes on-air and how he interacts with his passionate listeners on the phone. Perry is willing to try just about anything, which makes his show a bit ballsy, but certainly engaging. Perry Stone is fine by us.

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