Top 11 TV Personalities In CVille


1. Norm Sprouse, NBC29

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Norm Sprouse is our favorite weather man. He loves SciFi, surf fishing and if your nice, he might even fix your PC.

2. Dan Schutte, The Newsplex

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Dan Schutte is both an active person and member of our community. He loves water skiing and has run several marathons. He is currently on the board for the American Cancer Society.

3. Sharon Gregory, NBC29

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Sharon Gregory is a reporter who loves the thrill of chasing a story. She has done numerous field reports. She’s covered doctor is Guatemala and hurricane disasters. This daring reporter loves working out, reading and riding her motorcycle.

4. Travis Koshko, The Newsplex

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Travis Koshko was born in the middle of a snow storm. It was practically destined that he’d become a weatherman. Travis has used his meteorological expertise to help firefighters. He loves traveling, photography and Swedish Fish!

5. Henry Graff, NBC29

henry graff
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Henry Graff has had an incredibly accomplished career so far. He has reported in Haiti, West Africa and The White House. He also speaks French.

6. Michelle Rupp, The Newsplex

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Michelle Rupp is closely involved with the American Heart Association, being a heart disease survivor herself. She loves reading, traveling and working out at the gym.

7. Marty Hudtloff, NBC29

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Marty Hudtloff is our local sports director. Marty started his broadcasting career on the radio. In his career he’s been a DJ, talk show host, and play by play voice.

8. Chris Stover, The Newsplex

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Chris Stover hails from Philly. He loves cooking, running and playing piano. He also dedicates his time to raising money for child cancer research.

9. Bo Sykes, The Newsplex

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Bo Sykes is the anchor on Good Morning Charlottesville. Bo was bitten by the news bug in middle school and hasn’t looked back since. He loves skiing, swimming and talking to viewers.

10. David Rogers, NBC29

david rogers
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David Rogers has been on television for 20 years. He has won several Emmys and is on the Board of Directors for Children’s Aid Society.

11. Kasey Hott, NBC29

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Kasey Hott has reported on the Scott Walker recall election. She loves the theater, traveling, singing and meeting new people.

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