Virginia’s Heartland- Spring Creek Wine Cellar


Spring Creek Wine Cellar: open Apr-Dec, Sat-Sun (1-6pm).

Spring Creek Wine Cellar (SCWC) is located on Canongate Angus Farm in rural Prince Edward County in Virginia‘s heartland. Hayfields dot the country side and some tobacco fields have given rise to vineyards. Canongate has been a working cattle farm for more than 40 years and cattle still graze in the pastures. In the spring and fall, lively newborn calves can be seen cavorting over the meadow. Spring Creek babbles along the back of the farm, cascading together with Morrison’s Branch in the northeast corner where cattle share the “watering hole” with deer, fox and raccoons.

The initial planting of vinifera and hybrid grapes in Canongate Meadows Vineyard was done in Spring of 2002. These consisted of Cayuga White, Seyval, Vidal Blanc, J. Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Chardonel, Traminette, Chambourcin, and Chancellor were planted in 2003. Marechal Foch was planted in 2006, producing a total of 3 acres of grapes.

Their unfiltered, pure wines are made of hand-picked grapes, harvested at the optimum time. Each cluster is sorted and inspected to remove debris and imperfect grapes. Only quality grapes are used to produce their quality single varietal wines.

To preserve the rural landscape, the winery is housed in the basement of the Southern Colonial home. There the tank room, lab, storage area and tasting room are all neatly tucked under ground level.

Go check them out!!

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