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The Young Men’s Shop opened in 1927 and was owned by Henry Reuben. The store was located at 110 West Main Street in Charlottesville, Va.

In 1931, W. Harry O’Mansky purchased The Young Men’s Shop and shortly there after moved the business to 120 West Main Street where the business grew to encompass both 118 and 120 West Main Street. After WWII, The Young Men’s Shop continued to grow in size and volume and during the late 60’s and early 70’s, The Young Men’s Shop was known to have the third largest inventory of clothing under one roof on the entire EAST coast!(Over 14,000 suits and sport coats)

In 1977, Mr. O’Mansky began selling shares of YMS stock to several of his employees with the desire to someday step down from President of The Young Men’s Shop.

In 1991, Harry Marshall (Pres) and Marshall Pryor (VP) bought the remaining YMS stock from Mr. O’Mansky who passed away in January 1993. The Young Men’s Shop left the downtown mall in August 1997 and moved to 241 Zan Road Seminole Square, Charlottesville, Va. In Sept 2003, Marshall Pryor left to pursue a banking career and Harry Marshall became the sole owner. In March 2008, The Young Men’s Shop moved back downtown to 320 East Main Street on the downtown mall next to Timberlake’s Drug Store.In 2010, Rachel Marshall joined The Young Men’s Shop to make it a family business with fresh new ideas and a fresh smilling face.

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