Whisky Town: Can Craft Distillery Work in Central VA?


Rick Wasmund and Dan FitzHenry sit at a small table in a Stay Charlottesville rental house arrayed with plastic cups holding fluids of hues that range from clover honey through amber to the color of cherry juice, a natural reddish brown. You’ve heard about the surge in the craft distillery movement? Now you’re in it.

Wasmund, the owner/distiller/barley malter at Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville made the pages of The New York Times early last week for the American single malt that’s in the cup in his hand. FitzHenry, marketing manager/whisky nose/describer-in-chief at Virginia Distillery in Nelson County, spent the week hitting the pavement in D.C. with his Virginia Highland Malt Whisky, a 6-year-old Scottish vatted whisky finished in Virginia wine casks. His job is to sell to a group of people who think they know everything about a subject that is curiously subjective. This goes well with cigars. Oh, that’s perfect after a steak. Asian food? No problem.

Read more at c-ville.com.

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Scoutology Staff