Wisdom Oak Winery: Breathtaking Beauty


Wisdom Oak Winery: open Thu-Sun (12:00-6:00pm).

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Wisdom Oak Winery rests on 4 acres of a 126 acre estate in the heart of Monticello. The breathtaking beauty of the estate inspired a dream to create a vineyard. This emerging viticulture area is gaining recognition for its excellent growing conditions and ability to produce high quality wines similar to the beginning stages of the production of California wines in the early 1970’s.

Wisdom Oak Winery was created from the estate’s raw land that benefits from its optimal position in the Monticello Wine Region of Virginia. The Vineyard is now home to Wisdom Oak’s 2,075 thriving vines, resting at an elevation of approximately 815 feet and surrounded by a mountainous terrain. Wisdom Oak’s unique combination of climate, elevation, and soil produce the high quality grapes needed in order to produce wine with fully developed and complex flavors.

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