Worth The Trip: Glass Haus Raises The Bar


Back in November, MAS chef Tomas Rahal, not one to throw around praise, was emphatic about his visit to the Glass Haus Kitchen, which had just recently opened.

“Might be the best in town,” said Rahal, heaping praise on Chefs Ian Boden and Mike Yaeger for their “advanced tail-to-nose cuisine,” a foodie term that describes the European style of cooking that utilizes the whole animal.

Three months later, Washington Post food writer Tom Sietsema seconds Rahal’s assessment, placing the Glass Haus Kitchen “in a class of its own” and calling it “the most exciting place to eat in Charlottesville.”

Indeed, it’s not often you get Sietsema to suggest to Washingtonians that they make a two-hour road trip for a meal, but that’s exactly what he did in his February 3 review, titled “A meal that makes up for the long drive.”

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Scoutology Staff