11 Awesome Animals Ready For Adoption At Caring For Creatures!


1. Roxy

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Roxy | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Compact cutie pie! This sunny faced, golden girl is simply darling. Roxy is sweet, snuggly, cute and smart as a tack! She appears to have some basic training and she’s always happy to show you all the special tricks she has up her paw! Chasing tennis balls is one of her favorite pastimes and what a joy it is, to watch her have such fun! She’s super fast and likes dropping the ball after she picks it up so she can play with it some more on her way back. Frisbees are also her friend so coupling her athletic, focused, and quick to learn qualities, might make her a good candidate for agility course work. A dip and lounge time in a swimming pool round out Roxy’s unique mix of outdoor activities that keep her busy and entertained for long periods of time. Roxy nicely mixes and mingles with other dogs both large and small and is a skilled, steady paced leash walker. Cats are a little bit of an unknown for this pretty little lady as she intently sniffs the air walking past the cat habitats unsure of what these curious, small beings are all about. Roxy is a petite gal weighing only in the mid 20lb range so she’s ideal for just about any size lap. A more active family to keep her brain and body exercised will perfectly suit her pet style and adding slightly older kids to the mix would wonderfully round out her new family. Roxy is hoping soon you’ll come on out and tell her, “You’re the one for me!”

2. Aspen

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Aspen | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Aspen and his 3 other siblings came to us very timid and afraid. After a few weeks at CFC, they all started to come out of their shells and their personalities began to shine. Like his siblings, Aspen is well-socialized and even has some exposure to dogs, thanks to being able to observe the various dogs coming in and out of the office. Aspen is very attentive and loves to sit back and observe all of the happenings in the office. While he is quite playful with his littermates, he does enjoy taking some time to himself and sitting on the top condo shelf while he looks out at the office and keeps watch on the goings on.

3. Levi

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Levi | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Levi is a strikingly handsome black lab mix with charming cattywampus ears that are still deciding which way they want to go (Up? Down? Sideways? Time will tell…). Levi is the perfect age for someone looking for a young but not too young dog with room to grow both physically and mentally. Levi arrived at CFC with some impressive basic manners, including sit, wait, down, and roll over (although it’s possible his “roll over” is actually “please rub my belly”). While he can get very excited when he knows he’s going for a walk, he calms down considerably once he’s on his way and is a delightful walking partner. Levi is good-natured and very playful. He is smart guy with tons of potential to blossom in a home where he can be the apple of someone’s eye.

More about me: Levi is still very much a puppy at heart and by age. He will thrive in an environment where he can get a lot of attention and in return will eagerly shower you with affection. Levi wants to have fun, explore, go and do! This solid framed, sleek jacketed fellow is all about having a good time. Prior to joining us at the sanctuary, at the shelter where he was previously, he nicely shared his space with another dog who had an equally “labby” outlook to life and they had a grand time together. Levi is stronger in his approach to other dogs as he is so very eager to simply meet them. Some dogs might be a bit put off with his welcoming style but it’s all in good fun and faith. Levi loves being the center of attention and will be at his best in a more active home where he can be stimulated both physically and mentally. Levi is hoping you’ll select him as your next companion. No doubt about it, life will simply be more exciting and full with Levi by your side.

4. Lena

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Lena | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

We’re happy to introduce you all to this adorable grey and buff-marked fluffball, Lena! Lena was brought to us by a good samaritan who found her in a barn looking worse for wear. She has thrived in the weeks she has been here and is now ready to be welcomed into someone’s family! There are many times when approaching Lena‘s condo, that it looks as though it is empty, but upon careful observation, you’ll notice her little cat pillow stirring, and out pops little miss Lena! Hiding underneath it has become one of her favorite things to do. She is sometimes a little shy, but once you scoop her up, she greets you with purrs and plenty of cuddles. She is gentle in her nature and we believe this beauty will quickly turn into someone’s little lovebug and faithful companion.

5. KC

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
KC | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

When K.C. first arrived at Caring For Creatures with her gentle temperament and sunny outlook, she was adopted so quickly that even some of the most dedicated dog walkers have a hard time remembering her stay here. For K.C., we imagine it was a whirlwind experience that included several leaps of faith and a lot of trust in each new person in each new place, but in the end she was adopted and home with a family of her own. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Two years later, the family’s situation changed, and K.C. is back at CFC, where we have welcomed her with open arms. K.C. is a black and tan hound mix whose somewhat stout looks belie her inner athlete. While she enjoys spending time trotting and sniffing around the exercise arena, she truly lights up when heading out for a walk and will even do a little hop, skip, and jump-dance in her excitement. She would make a great companion for a hiker or even someone who just likes to walk around the neighborhood. K.C. is gentle, alert, and easy to handle: her former family reported that she was great with their baby, house trained and crate trained. While in her home, she also got along well with another resident dog, so if you’re looking for a pal for your canine as well as yourself, we’ll gladly set up a meet and greet. K.C. often looks up the sanctuary driveway, and it’s hard not to imagine what she’s thinking. Will you be the one who drives through the gate to make her dreams come true and give her the truly forever home she deserves?

6. Bentley

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Bentley | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Those who have come to know and love me here say that my gentle and serene nature is the thing that endears me the most to them. From my first day here, when out of fear and not knowing what lay ahead I hunkered down in my condo, I have been nothing but kindly and peaceful. They say that I’m a gentleman cat. Aside from my obvious physical charms, with my luminous large golden eyes and thick, glossy, and silken fur, it’s my gentleness of spirit that draws them in. Literally and figuratively I wrap my soft paws around them. I have absolutely no issues with my feline roomies but it’s my love for people that really shines. I want to mention that I really like my name, since I’m as luxurious and finely crafted as that renowned British motor car. My purr runs as quietly, smoothly, and dependably as its motor does. I can still be a bit bashful, especially around new acquaintances, but I’m usually in the mix of the group greeting visitors. My approach is quiet and slower paced than some of the others, but as soon as I’m stroked my back arches with pleasure and the purring commences. I revel in belly rubs and chinny scrunches, responding with gentle head nudges and eyes alight with good cheer. I enjoy being brushed too. Sitting beside you is a joy to me, and I’m gradually learning that lying in a lap is quite nice too. Having been abandoned and cast aside, you might think that I’d harbor some bitterness, but I don’t. There’s not a mean bone in me and I just know that my next home will be my forever home, with people who will value and love me for the wonderful fellow that I am. I’d love to meet you, so why not stop by and take a Bentley for a spin?

7. Lindsey

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Lindsey | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Lindsey is only about seven months old and has already experienced more than her fair share of hurdles, including finding herself in a high-kill shelter with a case of non-contagious mange (now cleared up). Since her arrival at CFC, she has truly blossomed and seems to realize her life has taken a wonderful turn for the better. Her fur has grown back, revealing lots of freckles that might indicate some Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler in her lineage. Many people have commented that she looks like a long-limbed Jack Russell terrier with a pinch of hound. One volunteer said she resembles the “RCA Dog” (she really does!). These are just our best guesses and observations, but one thing we know for sure is that Lindsey is absolutely adorable. She’s also quick to learn, and would positively thrive with folks willing to keep her mind as active as her body. She loves to play fetch and would also make a terrific running partner. After exercise, she would like nothing more than snuggling with her favorite people. She is a real cuddle bug who readily offers her belly to anyone willing to give it a rub. Lindsey plays very well with other dogs, and she is good with children. Hurry up and get your application in! With her sparkling personality and cute as a button looks, Lindsey is sure to find her perfect match soon–could it be you?

Mid November 2018 Event Update: Lindsey had a great time at the Scottsville Supply Co.’s Grand Re-opening last weekend. Even with all the things that were new to her (lots of cars and trucks, people and dogs in every direction, etc.), in no time, she was working the crowd, asking for belly rubs, and charming people into sharing their hot dogs with her. She really enjoyed spending time with everyone who stopped by to give her some love and attention, especially the kids.

8. July

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
July | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

I’m told that I am just about the best mom ever. I not only raised 4 dazzling and healthy babies, but I also took on orphaned foundling Tiny Tim. He was much younger and tinier than my crew and I nurtured him like he was my own. Such is my nature I’m told, one that is giving, kind, and gentle. I have a laid back and relaxed approach to life and get along well with one and all, both human and feline. I’m told time and again how amazing it is that I am so mellow and sociable after my humble origins as a “driveway kitty.” I’m sleek and an absolute joy to caress and stroke. I respond to such affection with a very soft purr and a joyful arched back. I’m big on eye contact and my foster mom and dad said it was as if I was gluing myself to their hearts. They wanted to keep me with them but already have a very full house of fur babies. So I’m unattached and available, willing and able to be the best friend and companion you could ever want.

9. Angel

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Angel | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Docile and Mild Mannered! This sweet little two-toned lady quietly goes about her business in a calm, respectful way. Out on our walk today, she blended in so perfectly that it was pure joy watching her working the crowd of humans and doggies. Angel certainly can teach us all a lot about getting along with everyone who crosses our path! A skilled, moderate to easy leash walker, Angel is a very appealing, approachable lady with her grand smile and welcoming body language. Kids of most ages and all dogs are sure to find Angel to be the perfect, happy faced furry companion. Angel smiles a lot, snuggles a lot and simply enjoys life.

10. Valentine

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Valentine | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

I’ve heard it said that true to my name I’d make the purrfect Valentine, big soft and squishy with a bit of a comical face. Because of my FIV+ status I’m in a room with primarily other boy cats and frankly that can disturb my equanimity and keep me on edge. I’ve had squabbles with a couple of them and that has resulted in my being in “timeout” in a kitty condo when there is nobody around to supervise. When I’m out and about I delight in finding a sunny and comfy spot on the patio where I nap and dream of a home of my very own where there are no other, or at least fewer cats, to compete with for affection. My happiest time here was when I first arrived and, due to space limitations, had sole possession of the laundry room. It was so wonderful to stretch out there on a big soft bed and receive the adulation and love of my numerous admirers. I enjoy chinny scratches and being told what a fine fellow I am. There’s a big old sweetheart in this furry white and black body and for the one who spirits me away from this kitty crowd the rewards could be fantastic.

11. Peggy

352 Sanctuary Ln, Palmyra, VA 22963
Peggy | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Caring For Creatures

Pretty Woman! As many of us celebrate the release of the movie Pretty Woman 27 years ago, here in the CFC community we celebrate the arrival of our newest Pretty Woman, Peggy!!

Now when we first met Peggy at the high kill shelter where animal control had dumped her, she had THE saddest look on her face. This middle aged lady was confused and wondered what she had done wrong to wind up in danger and in need of a new pet job.

Today, Peggy is safe and we love her to pieces. Talk about a Pretty Woman now! She has added some much needed pounds (perhaps a few too many ) and she is smiling. She wiggles with great excitement as folks select her for walks and she rolls on her back with great delight (something she could NOT do in her cement kennel at the shelter). The pond on our property is a source of wondrous joy for her as she wades out into it and then slowly sinks down looking like an alligator with only the top of her head and back visible! New life has been breathed into this friendly, bubbly lady!

Peggy can be a bit dog selective and cats might be too enticing for her so a family with older, more sturdy kids or a couple simply needing to fill a pet void, would be a perfect match for her. Peggy has never met a stranger so come on by soon, find your new friend in Peggy and tell her, “You’re coming home with me!”

Update ~ Girl’s Day out on the town March 2017 with Humans Krista and Megan: “It was so much fun! I was a little excited in the car when we first got going and I made piggy sounds but after a few moments I settled down and laid down relaxed. Then after a little drive I hopped out of the car at Pleasant Grove where I went hiking!! Great way to work off my extra winter pounds, the new smells were amazing and I even got to smell some big horse poop! Krista did not let me roll in it though but that’s okay. I then got to go swimming in the river and laid down in the water and cooled off from my hike. There were some kids splashing and playing in the water but they didn’t bother my relaxing swim any. 🙂

Then once we left the park it was back in the car for me. I was sad at first because I thought the adventure was over but then we pulled into “Happy Tails” and Krista and Megan let me pick out two of my very own toys! I picked out a stuffed blue bone because it squeaked and was fun but my real favorite was a big brown bunny that “quacks” I was even allowed to carry it out of the store with me! 😀

I played with my bunny for the entire car ride to “Cuppa Joes” where I thought only Krista and Megan were getting some treats but they were super nice and got me my very own “Pup-cup” some vanilla ice cream and some dog treats was a perfect way to end my day out.

When we got back to the sanctuary I showed all my friends, humans and dogs alike my new bunny and I could hear Krista and Megan bragging about what a good girl I was the whole time! I really enjoyed my day trip and know all my other doggy friends at CFC would love their own trip too!” -Ms. Peggy.

Update July 2017: Miss Peggy enjoyed an outing on Saturday with new CFC volunteer, Cin. Peggy is a sweet, mid size, middle aged lady who is so deserving of a family of her own. Smart and determined too! She knows when CFC volunteer, Diane, is visiting (she always gives Peggy car rides) and instead of going in her inside kennel, she’ll insist on sitting by Diane’s car until she gets her ride – and of course it never fails!

Foster Update January 2018: Miss Peggy is acing her Extreme Sleepover! Sue, a CFC volunteer, jumped at the chance to take Peggy into her home during the cold weather. Sue says, “She’s doing wonderfully, and we are totally amazed at how well Peggy has adjusted! The only time she barked was when she saw her reflection in our living room windows. Peppy appears to be house trained, with only 1 small accident in 6 days and has done very well walking around the neighborhood, more curious about other dogs than anything else. She’s very, very loving – giving as many kisses as we will accept. Peggy is a very smart girl and would take to training very quickly. If this were the right time in our lives for a dog, this would surely be a lifelong sleepover instead of just an extreme sleepover as my husband and I have both fallen in love with this sweet girl.”

Volunteer Update April 2018: Peggy knows the sound of Volunteer Cin’s car when it comes down our driveway. She will start running in circles in her pen and bark as if saying,” I’m ready for a car ride. Take me! Take me!” If you are in the hunt for a traveling car buddy, Peggy is YOUR GIRL! Cin takes Peggy for “road trips” on a regular basis and they often wind up walking by one of our local rivers. They have SUCH fun!

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