Iconic Mono Loco Restaurant Closing In Charlottesville, Virginia

Jerry Miller, CEO

Hey, it’s Jerry Miller. I’m inside I Love CVille on the historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Today, on Miller’s Minute, I’m taking 60 seconds to tell you the unfortunate news about an iconic Charlottesville restaurant closing its doors.

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Well, guys, it’s the end of an era. Mono Loco Restaurant is closing its doors on Water Street. Mono Loco is one of my favorite restaurants in Charlottesville. July 28th is the last night for Mono Loco Restaurant. Friday, July 27th is the last dance party at Mono Loco Restaurant.

Restaurateur Michael Lewis and Mono Loco Restaurant will certainly be missed. I’ve enjoyed many a date night and many burritos, margaritas and mojitos at Mono Loco Restaurant.

You better get your Mono fix before Saturday, July 28. I have a feelin’ that Friday’s Dance Party is going to be off the chain!

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Jerry Miller, CEO & Publisher

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