Charlottesville City Councilor Kathy Galvin Faced Scott Beyer, President of the Market Urbanism Report, In A Live Debate On The I Love CVille Show!


Charlottesville City Councilor Kathleen Galvin went toe-to-toe with Scott Beyer, the president of the Market Urbanism Report, in a live debate on The I Love CVille Show on The I Love CVille Network.

Kathy and Scott will analyzed and debated the following:

1. Affordable housing in and around Charlottesville, Virginia.
2. Charlottesville’s zoning restrictions, including the abundance of R1 Zoning (single family detached homes) that proliferates the CVille real estate landscape.
3. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and how they can be leveraged to alleviate the affordable housing crunch in CVille.
4. Special Use Permits
5. The “Red Tape” created by local government and how it impacts the development ecosystem in and around Charlottesville.
6. How can a more robust and reliable public transportation system positively impact the affordable housing conundrum in Charlottesville?
7. How can Albemarle County help Charlottesville with its affordable housing problems?
8. What is the University of Virginia’s role in assisting Charlottesville with its affordable housing dilemma and its public transportation inadequacies?
9. How can we leverage the land trust model to create more affordable housing in Charlottesville?
10. What will the next 10 years look like in Charlottesville’s housing universe?
11. Land, labor and lumber are the vectors of housing. Which of these three are most likely to be reduce in order to reduce home sales prices?
12. How do you define affordable housing vs low income housing?
13. How do we protect the existing homeowners who made their investment based on current, specific zoning with regard to what might pop up next door either through a SUP or zoning change?
14. How do we maintain the integrity and character of neighborhoods like 10th & Page when massive development is happening inside and around it?
15. Are Airbnb and other home sharing services worsening the housing crunch or providing homeowners a way to afford their mortgages/taxes?

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