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Haute Chinese: Chang Celebrates Top Ten Honors

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

When the editors of Travel & Leisure Magazine set out earlier this year to find the best Chinese restaurants in America, they had a daunting task. There are now over 41,000 Chinese restaurants in this country, according to industry research– that’s three times the number of McDonald’s, making General Tso possibly more familiar to most people than Ronald McDonald. Read More

A Taste of Hamiltons’ New Menu

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

It’s been only a month since Hamiltons’ new chef, Curtis Shaver, joined the team, as recently detailed in the Dish. So what is the food like? At a recent menu tasting, Hamiltons’ revealed several creative entrées ranging from Fog Mushroom Agnolotti to a Caramelized Onion Tart with buttermilk blue cheese topped with an arugula salad, showcasing Shaver’s culinary personality. Read More

Top Slices, Personal Pies, and Surprises Around Town

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

The New York pizza slice, for years the pizza gold standard, inspired a lot of wasted effort and money, what with people trying to reproduce NYC pizza parlors, replete with transported ovens, in places like Kansas or Albuquerque or (gack) San Francisco. Pizza everywhere was measured against some non-specific New York City pie. If you pressed New Yorkers as to where one could go to procure this mythical slice, no two people—not even two natives of the same ’hood—would name the same place. Foodies theorize about what makes this supposed world’s-greatest-pizza so special. Read More

Patty Pribus, Blue Ridge Country Store

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

In this I Love CVille video feature, we catch up with Patty Pribus, the owner of Blue Ridge Country Store on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall.

This I Love CVille feature was produced and published by vmv brands pictures.

The Biltmore: Thumbs & Toes

by Jerry Miller, Publisher

A UVA legend for over 20 years, The Biltmore is home to Charlottesville’s only “Beach Bar” and the city’s largest outdoor patio area. Pop down Elliewood Avenue and see them – and by all means, come hungry. You’ll want to try the house-smoked ribs and BBQ, huge salads and sandwiches, the famous Thumbs ‘n Toes and the soon-to-be-famous Crusties. Read More

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