UVA Professor/Sociologist Brad Wilcox Interview; Wilcox Is The Author Of New Book “Get Married”


The I Love CVille Show headlines:
UVA Professor/Sociologist Brad Wilcox Interview
Wilcox Is The Author Of New Book “Get Married”
Is Marriage Important For American Society?
Is Marriage Key For Personal & Family Growth?
Marriage Drives Wealth vs Single Individuals
DC, Media & Hollywood – Anti-Family Narrative
How Are Kids Of Divorce Impacted Long-Term?
“Midas Mindset” – 1 in 3 Young Adults Won’t Marry
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Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology at UVA, Director of the National Marriage Project and Author of Get Married: Why Americans Must Defy the Elites, Forge Strong Families, and Save Civilization, joined me live on The I Love CVille Show!

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